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    New AI Chatbot has Everyone Talking

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      New AI Chatbot has Everyone Talking

      This week saw a huge announcement in the world of tech, with a mixture of excitement and trepidation at the launch of ChatGPT.

      Made by OpenAI, a San Francisco-headquartered AI research lab co-founded by Elon Musk, ChatGPT is capable of understanding natural human language and generating thoughtful human-like prose after being fed a prompt.

      It can dream up everything from essays and poems to emails and computer code. Over a million people have registered to use the chatbot since it went live last Wednesday, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said on Twitter on Monday.

      With almost continuous developments in tech, we seem to be reaching a tipping point with AI, where tangible changes to our lives could be just around the corner and if this excitement is anything to go by, it could be an interesting few years.

      At Colossus we constantly say that there’s no better time to be in tech and this story only reinforces that feeling. We are working with some of the UK’s leading AI start-up’s and have a steady stream of roles to work on in this cutting-edge area of tech.

      If you’re looking to work in AI or find roles with start-up’s and established companies at the forefront of this tech in the UK, get in touch with out team today. We can offer advice on the current tech scene, point you to the right companies and open doors to some of the leading roles in the country.

      For more information go to our website  and meet the team or look through our job board and apply for any number of exciting new opportunities out there. You can also follow us on social media using the links below and never miss an update.




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